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Welcome to Biruni Universty Hospital

The most valuable service is the service to human health. We define our service concept with the importance we attach to this belief. We do not limit our goals just as medical statistics. At the same time we primarily work for the happiness of our patients.

International Health

We provides patients a peaceful and reliable process in term of psychology, comfort and health.


Hotel - accommodation where Istanbul's history can be witnessed


Transfer services include between the hotel, airport and hospital

Translation Support

Fıll time translation support in 6 different languages

More Than a Hospital

Biruni Universty Hospital serves with 150 beds. Biruni Universty Hospital has been built with smart building technology which insludes advanced diagnostic and treatment methods and it consists of 10 floors.

obesity surgery in turkey


Biruni Universty Hospital has been one of the leading centers of obesity surgery in Turkey by performing more than one thousand succeed obesity surgeries.

eye surgery turkey


The most important point in the protection and treatment of eye health is experience and success rates of surgeons.

cardiovascular surgery in turkey


Cardiovascular surgery requires expertise and experience. We successfully carry out the surgical treatments of all cardiovascular diseases with our international experienced surgeons and world class equipment.