Child Health and Diseases

Child Health and Diseases


Biruni University Hospital staff at the Department of Child Health and Diseases consisting of experienced experts in the field, equipped with advanced technology in international standards, outpatient clinic, inpatient service and intensive care areas for all kinds of diagnosis and treatment services for pediatric diseases.

In the pediatric health department of our hospital, all necessary examinations are carried out for all kinds of diseases of children from infancy to adolescence (0-16 years), treatments are planned, growth and development are monitored, routine controls and vaccinations are performed.

In addition, all babies born in Biruni University Hospital are screened for the hearing test, phenylketonuria and congenital hip dislocation. Thus, early diagnosis and treatment of these diseases is possible.

Children’s Health and Diseases Polyclinic at the Biruni University Hospital in Floria was designed with the details and colors of the polyclinic’s walls and flooring in order to keep the children from being bored and not feeling in a hospital environment. There is a changing room and breastfeeding room in our children’s outpatient clinic considering the comfort of not only the children but also the parents.

After giving birth, newborns who were monitored by our nurses in the children’s observation room are delivered to their mothers and monitored for another 24 hours. Babies are discharged from the hospital by our pediatricians with all their routine controls and examinations.

In urgent cases, pediatric patients can immediately be transferred to our emergency department, to the doctors of the children’s clinic.